NRF Retail Big Show 2017 Recap – Experience What’s in Store


At the NRF Retail Big Show 2017, the Tyco Retail team invited retailers from around the globe to “Experience What’s in Store” in our new booth on the show’s red carpet. This was the first year all our solution brands – Sensormatic®, ShopperTrak and TrueVUE® – were fully represented in one place. And it was the first time our industry experts focused on not just how our products work, but how they connect to create powerful solutions.

In the booth, we shared how our IoT-enabled solutions provide real-time visibility and predictive analytics around loss prevention, inventory and traffic for a comprehensive look across the enterprise. With our RFID technology, sensors, security systems, video analytics and device management — along with our new store-based cloud analytics and managed services — we are able to help retailers cut costs and streamline operations to drive strong bottom line results.

We also announced the ShopperTrak Global Index that provides worldwide shopper visitor data for greater insight into consumer behavior. With unmatched scale and reach, the Global Index counts more than 40 billion shopper visits annually, down to the zip-code level, to help retailers recognize international shopping trends and benchmark their performance.

In addition to our existing solutions, we shared a number of new innovations with retailers to elicit their feedback and insights. This included Secure Mobile Checkout, a collaboration with Shopic that enables customers to purchase items from a mobile device and conveniently detach security tags on their own. Another innovative draw to our booth was the Storefront Interactive Display. This display attaches to the Sensormatic Synergy Pedestal and streams video with personalized content based on shopper gender and age demographics to create a unique experience as they enter the store. Our booth even featured a robot, the Knightscope K3, performing automated cycle counting with RAIN RFID sensors.

Along with the company updates and related demonstrations we shared, ShopperTrak hosted the well-attended exhibitor insights panel “Using In-Store Traffic to Drive Profitability,” featuring executives from Sally Beauty and Teavana at Starbucks. Through a lively panel discussion and an interactive audience Q&A, the ShopperTrak customers discussed using in-store traffic data to make informed decisions around labor allocation, schedule integration, incentives and store performance benchmarking, to ultimately help increase conversion rates.

Above all, it was clear that the retail industry is ready to implement smart solutions to up-level their retail business outcomes. We would like to thank all the customers and partners who stopped by our booth and participated in the ShopperTrak panel.

Here’s to a very successful 2017!

Posted on January 31st, 2017

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