Reinventing the Customer Experience: Today’s Digital Shopper


A modern customer’s shopping journey spans digital channels and devices in addition to activity at brick-and-mortar stores. These “connected consumers” crave convenience and have a desire to shop anywhere, anytime, in any way they choose — often creating a challenge for retailers to meet unified commerce expectations.

The first step toward achieving total customer satisfaction is the ability to confidently promise order fulfillment; regardless of how the customer chooses to shop. To follow through on this promise, you’ll need on-demand access to accurate inventory and traffic insights. With visibility into inventory availability, shrink, and shopper activity, you can make more informed business decisions and build a positive reputation with your shoppers. The cohesive use of these actionable analytics allows you to build a personalized brand experience across all touch points, in turn helping increase conversion rates and your bottom line.

One particularly appealing fulfillment method that requires real-time inventory visibility is buy online pick up in-store (BOPIS). Digital shoppers can compare prices, shop when they want, and pick up items at their own convenience, eliminating the headache of delivery and shipping fees. They can also see and touch items before taking them home, helping avoid unwanted returns. However, shoppers will likely leave empty handed if they come to pick up an item that was promised, but not available to purchase.

The second step to customer satisfaction is getting to know shopper behavior with traffic insights. By tracking shopper traffic patterns and behavior, you can determine the appropriately staffing levels during key times to deliver the high level of service shoppers expect. Similarly, traffic insights can help you better understand shopper conversion and the impact of promotions. This includes how many people walked by an end-cap and made a purchase and whether a promotion brought in more shoppers than last year.

This actionable combination of inventory and traffic insights results in better planning and merchandising, fewer out of stocks and more attentive sales associates – key ingredients to a happy shopper.


Posted on March 15th, 2017

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