Empowering Store Associates with Actionable Insights


From reviews and price comparisons to specs and color options, today’s consumers have access to an incredible amount of product information online.  That’s why it’s more important than ever to arm in-store associates with the right information so they can be active participants in the in elevating the customer experience and improving conversion rates.

With accurate inventory visibility and shopper insights, the store can be positioned as the “hub” of retail and associates can create the personalized experience necessary to excel in unified commerce. Taking into account current and future business challenges, implementing a solution with the components listed below enables real-time in-store visibility and predictive analytics to help drive sales, improve operations and deliver a personalized brand experience.

  • Inventory Insights: A foundation of accurate inventory is critical to effectively tie together unified commerce and a personalized customer experience. RFID-enabled solutions provide real-time visibility through the supply chain to help dramatically improve accuracy up to 99 percent to help improve operations, revenue and personalize the customer experience. RFID technology is especially relevant for gaining stronger insight on storefront shrink and meeting the growing need for enhanced item-level visibility with real-time and accurate availability by store location.                                    
  • Smart Fitting Room: To maximize the value of the fitting room, apparel retailers need to gather actionable data to create a personalized shopping experience for their customers. To do so effectively, retailers can use RFID-enabled technology to track items as they enter and exit the fitting room, providing insight to better service customer’s needs. This also provides the opportunity to leverage digital display capabilities for information on availability of different sizes and colors, fabric and care detail, and recommended complementary styles and products.
  • Shopper Analytics: With customer insights into shopping behavior, retailers are better able to personalize recommendations and build stronger relationships with loyal customers. Additionally, retailers will be able to improve customer traffic visibility and store associates can offer a continuity that is severely lacking in most retailers’ customer experience.

This level of insight educates store associates with the right information and knowledge to better elevate their shopping experiences. The ability to create, consume and utilize this data gives an advantage over competitors and allows them to ultimately better serve their customers. In addition, retailers can prioritize projects more accurately and more efficiently to ensure they have the right inventory, personnel and operations in place.

Posted on June 5th, 2017

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