Best Practices – Part 1: Optimizing Store Operations


For brick and mortar retailers, leveraging new ways to use store data to drive sales, improve operations and deliver a differentiated brand experience is essential. With the right retail technology and solutions, retailers can gain accuracy and real-time visibility to satisfy today’s demanding shoppers and boost operational efficiency to maximize business outcomes. Here is a quick snapshot of some solutions our retail customers are using to help streamline store operations:

  • Source Tagging helps protect merchandise and improve speed-to-floor by tagging items at the source of manufacturing, instead of applying security labels or hard tags in the store. This makes merchandise sales floor-ready, eliminates time spent tagging items in-store and increases tagging compliance for optimal performance.
  • Storefront Visibility helps optimize business outcomes by providing a better understanding of loss events around the perimeter of the store. This solution layers RAIN RFID and video technology onto existing EAS systems, revealing a wealth of never-before-seen analytics to effectively react to apparent loss conditions, reduce out-of-stocks, combat Organized Retail Crime and enhance store execution.
  • On-Floor Visibility offers a real-time view of inventory to help maintain a consistent in-stock position on the selling floor, boosting customer satisfaction and topline sales. The combination of interactive restocking and inventory analytics through RFID Cycle Counting helps retailers know exactly what merchandise is available on the sales floor. Retailers can also identify items that need restocking and direct associates to comply with inventory standards for merchandising and displays.
  • Fitting Room Analytics uses RFID technology to provide real-time data on shoppers and their interaction with merchandise in this important conversion area. This visibility allows retailers to maximize the value of the fitting room by empowering sales associates with insight into customer preferences and service needs to drive conversion. These smart fitting rooms also deliver data insights to drive merchandising decisions and help reduce theft opportunities. 

To learn more about these solutions, check out our Storefront Visibility, On-Floor Visibility, Fitting Room Analytics and Source Tagging as a Service product briefs.

Stay tuned for the next blog in the series, Best Practices – Part 2: Loss Prevention Strategies.

Posted on July 10th, 2017

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