Source Tagging: Improving Store Efficiency


Retailers face constant pressure to simultaneously reduce shrink, improve store operations, increase profits and enhance the customer experience.

Programs like source tagging can help maximize security and efficiency throughout the supply chain so that merchandise arrives at stores protected and ready for the show floor. Given connected consumers’ demand for products where, when and how they want them, source tagging is an ideal way to provide an enhanced customer experience.

Integrating Data for Full Inventory Visibility

Implementing a unified commerce strategy begins with merging e-commerce and store inventory data for a more holistic approach to inventory visibility. When items are protected at the point of manufacturing with reliable and precise Acousto Magnetic (AM) and Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) hard tags, retailers can confidently make their enterprise-wide store inventory available for purchase. Retailers are better positioned to promise items to customers online, on time and through their chosen fulfillment channel, down to the last unit.

Additionally, source tagging enhances traditional loss prevention methods, providing greater visibility around loss events when also leveraging RFID-enabled devices to gather item-level data. With these types of intuitive, real-time solutions, retailers can identify high-shrink items and alter loss prevention strategies to better protect at-risk products.

Labor Savings

When items are tagged before arriving in store, associates have more freedom to move throughout the store, as tagging can help reduce time spent in the back room. The extra on-floor time associates gain as a result of source tagging allows them assist more customers, which ultimately contributes to an enhanced shopping experience.

Retailers can also save on labor with source tagging due to fewer employees needed to focus on tagging items in the back room. Another benefit is increased tagging compliance which helps greater consistency for tagged products throughout the store. When tags are applied more consistently, they can be deactivated more reliably at the point of sale, resulting in fewer nuisance alarms at the exit.

Source Tagging as a Service

For retailers with limited resources for managing Electronic Article Surveillance (EAS) programs, Source Tagging as a Service (STaaS) can be a valuable option, as this service helps retailers to refocus their efforts on providing a stellar shopper experience. With STaaS, we can help retailers maximize the value of their source tagging initiatives by putting the program in the hands of experienced Sensormatic loss prevention experts. STaaS executes  tailored programs to help  drive strong bottom line results and provide measurable benefits across Merchandising, Operations and Loss Prevention.

In today’s unified commerce environment, every minute is critical and, as a result, time-saving programs — like source tagging — can contribute to the difference between success and failure. Learn more about source tagging and STaaS here.

Posted on November 3rd, 2017

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